Bossy travelers: An interview with Misa Talpur from Pakistan

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An interview with Misa Talpur, a female Pakistani travel blogger living Mirpurkhas Sindh.

Traveling as a solo female is a challenge many of us can’t understand, and something some of you can’t fathom… yet.

We recently caught up with Misa Talpur, a bossy female Pakistani travel blogger living in Mirpurkhas Sind.

Team DP: Could you please begin by Introducing yourself?


Misa: Greetings, I am MisaTalpur, a Pakistani girl that belongsfrom Mirpurkhas, Sindh. I do solo trekking  & traveling. I do write travel articles and also made vlogs sometimes and it’s been 3 years that I have been traveling solo

Team DP: When did you find your love for travel?


Misa: Actually when I was 10 years old, I went to lake keenjhar . It was a joint family trip with my parent’s cousins and their families. And that was the time when I realized that actually I love traveling more than any of my toys like doll, games or any other activity but due to cultural boundaries and norms I never get a chance to travel like I do now. Three years back I was scrolling on face book and found someone’s post in a traveling group that some person trekked and camped alone in a mountain. For once I thought if a man can trek and camp alone why can’t women. So yes it was childhood love which have grown with time.

Team DP: What are some of your favorite destinations you have visited in Pakistan?


Misa: Well there are many. But if I name few of them it would be injustice with other beautiful places.. But yes Hunza and Nagar valley, trashing and Rupal Valley , skardu specially khaplu valley, Deosai plains and Nanga Parbat basecamp both face Rupal and Raikiot face are my most favorite.

Team DP: Describe your first major overland adventure?


Misa:It was an unforgettable adventure to Nathia Gali from where I trekked and camped all alone at Miranjani Mountain with heavy rucksack. I became the first Pakistani women who trekked and camped solo at that mountain. Though Miranjani cannot be counted in adventure in professional trekker’s community.

it’s kind of starting track for beginners, but a girl who never been outside her home without anyone or never traveled from Sindh to any other province and never seen mountains at all, yes it was  Adventurous.

Team DP: What’s your travelling style, do you prefer solo or in groups?


Misa:I don’t discourage people who travel in groups but as far I am concerned, I prefer solo traveling and trekking.

Team DP: tell us what’s the best thing about solo travelling and mention the perils of solo travelling?


Misa:There are many things that may be I won’t be able to describe about solo travelling but it is a state where you are free to enjoy nature without any limitation. You are independent to take decisions. There is no one to dictate you. Being traveling solo, you also have an advantage to interact with local people and to create a beautiful bond with them. As for talking about perils, yes there is always a Risk in solo traveling.  Women harassment is very common in some parts of the country. Not to mention the risk or animal attack or being lost. But good preparation and taking precautionary measures can decrease the chances of risks.

Team DP: Have you ever encountered any issues while travelling in Pakistan?


Misa: Yes when I was traveling from Sindh to Punjab in public transport, I was harassed by a man traveling on same bus.

And most common issue that I faced is people of north are not used to see Pakistani women all alone wandering in their areas, so the Gilgit Baltistan police always have enforced me to take security along on treks and it’s really annoying.

Team DP: Who is your travel inspiration?


Misa: Sir Mustansar Hussain Tarar, because he travelled in north when there was no roads, no hotels or no facilities. And he is an Author too so he is my inspiration.

Second person is Nicole Brown who is famous female outdoor adventurist and writer.

Team DP: How does it feel to know you’re inspiring thousands of Pakistani women to challenge cultural boundaries and pursue their dreams?


Misa:It really feels good to realize that you are an inspiration of many.

Team DP: Do many Pakistani men support your travelling lifestyle?


Misa: As we all know that we are living in male dominating society. Some educated and broad minded men really supported and appreciated me but there are many who don’t.

Team DP: What are some of your favorite things about living in Pakistan?


Misa: My favorite thing about living in Pakistan is that I can travel to most beautiful valleys in the world and I can trek to highest and famous mountains ranges of the world without any passport or visa. And yes of course no one can ignore Pakistani food which is very delicious.

Team DP: Pakistan is amongst the countries where tourism surging, is there misconception that you would like to clear about it?


Misa:Yes there is no doubt that Pakistan is among the top countries in the world where the tourism is boosting with its maximum. And the key players to that are of course the natural beauty of Pakistan which is a blessing. And the sacrifices of our people who brought back Pakistan to the light. Though there is enormous increase of foreigners visiting Pakistan but still there are many foreigners who usually think Pakistan is a dangerous place to visit. They really need to take my story as an inspiration to travel Pakistan that if a single girl can travel and trek solo all alone without any fear, then what is stopping them to travel Pakistan.

Team DP: What road trips should be on every traveler bucket list, if they get the chance to visit Pakistan?



Well I will suggest the following at least:-

  1. Hunza to Khunjrab road, where you will witness most beautiful and mighty mountains and the amazing Passu cones.
  2. KKH to Skardu and then skardu to khaplu valley, where you will witness Indus River on your one side and mountains on the other side on skardu road, this road is under construction these days. But this would be amazing road trip after construction work. Skardu to gawari and khaplu road is most stunning and peaceful
  3. Now what I am talking about is not a road trip but a jeep trip. One must experience fairy meadows jeep ride, it’s scary and adventurous. You will be amazed to see driving skills of those jeep drivers.

Team DP: What’s on your overland adventure bucket list?


Misa: I don’t know where to start but I just want to say that my list is endless as I have started seeing big dreams now.

Team DP: What would you like to say to those who haven’t travelled?


Misa:Traveling is a blessing. So if you want to feel the pleasure of your breath, “TRAVEL”.  It’s a Drug, but a good drug. So try at least a once. I bet you will become an addict. And by the way, its world’s healthiest drug addiction.

Team DP: What is that one destination that you would recommend as a must place to go to for travelling in Pakistan?


Misa: I would highly recommend Trashing and Rupal which are the most beautiful Himalayan villages of Pakistan, from where you can witness the giant ice wall of Nanga Parbat.

Team DP: Imagine you have endless time and money, where in Pakistan would you travel frequently?


Misa:In that case I really want to trek frequently to highest mountains and the highest mountains passes of Pakistan.

Team DP: One last question, What’s the best way to get in touch with you?


Misa: I do have a social media account. And  Ido have a website too where I post my articles,