Hussainabad BroQ- Pakistans Trolltunga



Hussainabad BroQ- Pakistan’s Trolltunga!

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Someone rightly said that Pakistan is a jewel that remains significantly unexplored. Of late, we have seen surge in tourism in different areas of Pakistan. The north, in particular, has seen huge influx of tourists from across the globe. While foreign and local tourist alike relish memories of water streams, lush green valleys and unparalleled hospitality, few local tourists have gone beyond and discovered what is being termed as Pakistan’s Trolltunga.

Following the discovery of Pakistan’s Trolltunga’s picture online, the place has seen a lot of locals flocking to the place to get their fair share of pictures as Pakistan’s Trolltunga overlooks scenic Skardu valley, Sarfaranga desert, and parts of Shigar valley.

Where is actual Trolltunga?

Trolltunga is popular tourist destination in Norway, located in Odda at 11,000 ft above sea level in Norway’s Hordaland county. According to Norway’s official website, the trail is well signposted but the trek is strenuous as it may require a trekking enthusiast wanting to reach Trolltunga around 10 hours. Moreover, the website advices inexperienced individuals to opt for guided hikes.

Pakistan’s Hussainabad BroQ:

Coming back to Pakistan’s hussainabad BroQ, this is the name that locals have given to Pakistan’s Trolltunga which is becoming increasingly popular over internet and in Pakistan. The Hussainabad BroQ is a rock formation, located above 4000 meters and is located in upper valley of hussainabad BroQ in skardu.

Where is Hussainabad BroQ located?

Before we give out details to your dream hike, this place is reachable through trek. Hussainabad broQ is located 5 Kms from Skardu city and it may require several hours of hike.

You may begin your journey from Hussaini chowk which is 10 mins drive to Hussainabad. Once you have reached hussainabad, you will have to go offroad that will be a mix of steep ascending path. Recommended ride is 4 x 4 vehicle. After about 20 mins, the road ends at unnamed village at 3000m from where the ardous trek starts.

Time required to reach Hussainabad BroQ?

Honestly, it depends on your physique, stamina and a lot of other factors. According to locals, the trek should not take more than 3 hours, and in terms of difficulty, it would be categorized as moderately difficult. Likewise, descent may take 1.5 hours if you are well aware of shortcuts. Therefore, it is recommended to keep ample supplies of energy bars and water.

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