Wonderland – Sonmiani Beach

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Blue sky, blue water, and golden sand with peaceful atmosphere.


Sonmiani Beach is a beach located in the Lasbela District of Balochistan province in Pakistan. It is about 2 hours 15 minutes away from Karachi. Here’s a link of Google Maps:

Huts at Sonmiani Beach:

The area I visited ‘Sonmiani SADRF’ isn’t open for the general public without a reference. You need a reference from any army person/officer to enter that specific area. Once you’re allowed to enter. There are a few huts to choose from. The price range varies according to accommodation. It starts from Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 15,000 and maybe more for 12 hours. All huts have proper facility of AC, TV, fan, cupboard, bed, chairs, and of course, a bathroom. They charge Rs. 100 per hour separately for generator. (When we were there, the power was out the entire day and they did not turn on the generator, even when we asked them to do so.) But the weather was fine, so it’s okay. Please note that you CANNOT book a hut without a reference.

Attractions at the beach:

There are a few activities that you can do on the beach apart from enjoying the weather itself. But for that you will have to inform the management 24 hours prior as they need to arrange this facility on demand. They also have a play area for children.

  • Boat ride – it costs Rs. 10,000 for 6 hours
  • Camel/horse ride – Rs.500 for half an hour
  • Bonfire/BBQ – Rs. 1,000 each (the price of coal/woods is not included)
  • Beach buggy – Rs. 1,000 for half an hour
  • They can cook food for you, but the prices were not mentioned. They have a separate menu to choose from.
  • They have installed some swings and you can swing free of cost, this was the best part.
  • There’s a separate area in front of every hut where they have kept table and chairs, you can easily enjoy a meal there or just sit and talk.

Apart from all this, the beach was absolutely clean with no trash or anything around. The water was clean and clear, we hardly get to see blue tones of water, but it was present here. Basically, the atmosphere was very mesmerizing, clear blue water and blue sky.

Remember to take this stuff along:


  • Mosquito repellent lotion – otherwise you’ll end up scratching yourself till 2 days
  • A pair of socks – if you’re going for a night stay, they’ll become handy. If you stand anywhere for about 15 seconds, ants will start crawling on you. So, socks will keep your feet safe from ants.
  • Sunblock – if you have sensitive skin, it’ll get tanned easily.
  • Powerbank – just in case if they do not turn on the generator when the power is out

Additional information:

As you walk towards the seashore, you’ll have to walk while looking down. There are many crabs, they usually run away if you go near them, but please just don’t step on them. Try to walk safely. They are actually visible clearly right after the sunrise, some of them were white and the others were light yellow. And during the sunset, their color wasn’t visible, they looked transparent and it was difficult to walk. Anyway, when we talk about beaches, seaweeds are necessary. They were present, but tiny ones that’ll stick to your feet eventually. I almost forgot to mention, there’s a shower/washing area in front of every hut, you can clean yourself before entering the hut.

I went there around 5:00 PM and I was there till almost 12:00 PM. I’ve witnessed the sunset as well as the sunrise. I must say, both were equally beautiful, but I fell in love with the sunset. The view was breathtaking. I was swinging on the swing during sunrise and I noticed how crabs came out of their holes and went to the seashore together. Even during the night, I was sitting on the benches under the moonlight; the calmness of the beach was absolutely beautiful. I kept on looking at the waves under moonlight, there was a time when the entire beach looked orange and after a while, I could see a silver lining around the waves due to direct moonlight. I’ve never seen this before.  I’ll definitely recommend everyone to visit with their families, it’s a safe and peaceful picnic spot.

Have you been to Sonmiani Beach? If yes, please share your experience in the comments below.